Dyskuje poczytacie sobie niżej


Niezłe, ale ciekawe co wy sądzicie?
Getting hit on the hand must hurt like crazy
best paintball video!
1.55 best slide ever.
Did he just break his hopper at 3:09? What's going on?
damn the amount of overshooting is sad lol
So cool 
How can you record like this?? What Camara do you use??
1:00  ball bounces off first guy and hits second guy
The song goes really well with the video
300 for the win? if so, that sucks. they each probably spent 300 on paint alone that day.
you guys are crazy. im always too busy playing airsoft trying not to get small amounts of mud on my boots :P

1:17 and thats how paintballers are born children.

those point blank shots.. Eesh
Great Paintball video!

The best one I saw so far.
cool song
damn that song went great with the video
Podobało się wam?, tak czy nie? może zerknij tu?

131 Paintball Hits in 4 minutes at Minor League Paintball Event #3 - TYTUŁ
4m 12s - CZAS
726 - OCENA