Dyskuje poczytacie sobie niżej


Niezłe, ale ciekawe co wy sądzicie?
No girls? Not even one? Then I'll join the team.
I feel as if the big companies made a good gun for a lower price, the sport would increase tremendously. I like woodsball myself and have a small field in my woods, me and my friends love the game and want to start a team. I think it is expensive but is a great way to bond with friends and kick some ass.
Corpus Christi Texas paintball field woods ball tournaments some where in the month of August personal gun only sorry no rentals theme covenant vs UNSC if you wanna join I'll be on the covenant 
Drop them in a Afghan Warzone and see how 'pro' they are then.
You should encourage bushball/woodsball
"We all know paintball moms are way cooler than soccer moms" so true
Wish I had that chance 😕
Will you take kids that are 8 years old. 
I wish there was one of these teams where I live.
I remember before I got my invert mini, I was sitting on the bench before the game with my Azodin Kaos, and I was trying to double trigger. Then this teen dude had an Empire Axe and he pulled out a DM12 or one of those DMs and he told me to use it and he said "you dont really see a kid double triggering that much" Best paintball visit I did so far
How can I join the team
I need tips for a team were just starting 
I want to get in to paint ball
What about for black people.....
I play at a local field by them and when I was getting started up the head coaches son was a jerk to me and told me I could never make it in paintball. One of their team members who I still go to marcus high school with called me a ugly fuck pardon my language but you should teach them life lessons and how not to be little spoiled pricks the kid that called me that is at 1:55 and the kid that said I would never make it in paintball is at 4:46 ( plus I'm not ugly at all haha)
All I got to say is I am practicing and fixing to play d 3 now for the AP wolfs at my home field DFWAP and it makes me feel great because I proved him wrong. my teammates are like a brothers to me and other players. so I can say they saved me from quitting this wonderful sport that I love and will never quit, that some members of shockwave made me want to. I'm not saying that this isn't a bad idea and all the kids are bad but just teach them to be nice and respect others.
Thank you 
everything on axe and my To my jt i-con -_-
If I were to play I would get shot in the first 2minutes cuz the spider Victor is so painful
I'm laughing at all the American comments it's actually hilarious!😂 I'm not saying it's all Americans so don't get offended. This guy said Americans own Paintballing? Ha no you don't own it it's not a thing you put in your pocket and keep the whole world do it not just America, and yeah us Brits don't get to enter american compositions but were aloud to enter in British ones. I hate some of you Americans it's not because your american its because your dumb. Goodbye
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