Dyskuje poczytacie sobie niżej


Niezłe, ale ciekawe co wy sądzicie?
That was intense...I've never seen X-Factor drop the ball like that...and I was rooting for them
Do they wear like a thick chest protector or something under their uniform if I was playing I wouldn't bitch about the pain but I wouldn't want to deal with it 30 times
ha these guys are bad
Should have played Carl Markowski!
4:19 "He was shit... hit" Niceeeeeee Lauren Kelley
whats the song that plays during the grills advertisement?
What is with these camera angles? Where's split screen break outs? Where's side views from the doritos and snake? Players are making runs down the middle and the camera shows their back?

thanks for the uploads over the weekend!  with all the issues i saw popping up about the stream i was happy to be able to watch some games without risking paying and getting issues.
amazing game
People complaining about buying the webcast need to take a break these are a drop in the bucket of the number of intense games that were played we still got our moneys worth. 
Alex Martinez is such a class act.
fucking good game!
5:38 He's not touching up, refs are slacking.
Check out this video on YouTube:
personally i think that there are too many doritos in there i'm not sure how you can hit anybody out there
Pro Paintball is finally back!
thanks for posting +PbNation Paintball 

but I wish there were better camera angles and perhaps a split screen.  And the on-screen head count graphics could be smaller, it doesn't need to be so big thus covering some of the footages.  Just my .02
the yellow bunkers are turning me off
Podobało się wam?, http://www.megast.pl/ może zerknij tu?

Intense Pro Paintball Finals - Edmonton Impact Vs. San Antonio Xfactor - TYTUŁ
53m 44s - CZAS
266 - OCENA